Quest for Kieran is the ninth level of Frost and the third level of Demo.


This level was named for Kieran Millar, hospitalized for heart surgery around the time the game was made. In an e-mail from Dr. Peter McClean Millar to Alex Meyer (webmaster of World of the Lemmings):

Just as a bit of information for you. On the Xmas 94 demo, one of the levels is called Quest for Kieran - that is my son. He had to go into hospital in 1993 for a heart operation and I wrote to Psygnosis asking if the would send some posters to him and a get well card from the Lemmings (it was a life threatening operation with only mediam survival rate) in the hope that it would help him. Well they did him proud. Named a level for him and sent T-shirts, mugs, posters, stickers and a tape of lemmings music.damn fine company. I'm glad to say Kieran's operation was a complete success and he is now a healthly, normal young boy. In hospital he spent all his time listening to the music (which was actually quite good).

Another e-mail to Meyer followed this one:

For your information, Kieran was diagosed with Coarctation of the Aeorta. This is a condition where the aeorta (main artery running from the heart) narrows. In kieran, his aeorta narrowed to 2 milimeters over a 5 milimeter length. He was operated on in Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital in London where they removed the constriction and joined the aeorta up again. The operation was a complete success and he is now just like any normal young boy.

Information about Pete, Kieran and the rest of the family can be found at

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