Hopper is a skill that can be given to a lemming in Lemmings 2: The Tribes. A hopper makes a series of small jumps, continuing until it hits a ceiling or falls too far, in which case it stuns, or splats if it falls a very long way. If it hits a wall, it will turn around and continue hopping. The lemming can be assigned a skill only when it is in contact with the ground, with the exception of permanent skills and exploders. Hoppers are of limited use in the original levels, except for obstacles specifically designed for this skill, which take the form of a group of small, evenly spaced blocks.

Trivia Edit

  • The hopper skill cannot be assigned to a lemming which has terrain just above its head.
  • Using a hopper on a lemming at the exact moment it turns around at a wall will cause it to hop up the wall. If the lemming encounters an obstacle on the wall, it will continue hopping backwards diagonally into the wall.

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