Highland Tribe Lemmings

The Higland Tribe is one of twelve playable Lemming's tribes in Lemmings 2: The Tribes


The Highland Lemmings live in "The Highlands", an area of North-East Lemming Island with many mountain ranges dominating the region. Including the highest mountain on Lemming Island, Lem Nevis.

Highland Lemmings wear Red and Black checkered tams, toques, and kilts. They enjoy eating "Scotch Broth and Haggis" and playing their bagpipes. Their thick accents could be compared to "Real-World" Scottish. Some Highland Lemmings sport different natural hair color. Besides the typical Green, Highland Lemmings can have Blonde and Orange hair. both of which age into white over the years

The Highland Lemmings are the keepers of the prophecies, and the tribe whom first foresee the coming of The Great Darkness. Upon which they send the prophesied messenger, Jimmy McLemming, to warn the other 11 tribes of the coming Darkness, and begin the evacuation effort.

Highland Lemming towns are governed by Chiefs. All Highland Chiefs answer to the Grand Chief, "Lemming McLemming", whom governs the largest town of the Highlands, Lemmingburgh.


  1. Cream of Lemming Soup
  2. Wee Beasties!!
  3. Stop Yer Ticklin' Jock
  4. A Mere Stone's Throw
  5. Donald, Whar's Yer Lemming?
  6. Brigadoon!
  7. In Memory of McAngus
  8. The White Heather Club
  9. Take A Running Jump
  10. Eat My Shrapnel


"Highland Tribe" is a compilation of "Scotland the Brave" and "The Bonnie Banks O' Loch Lomond"


  • Unlike Classic Lemmings, Highland Lemmings have Orange Hair.
  • Their Entrance Portal is a Barrel.
  • In Europe The Highland Tribe Pin was available in boxed copies of "Lemmings 2: The Tribes"

    Highland Tribe Pin