Exploder is a skill that can be given to a lemming. It is the third of the eight skills available in Lemmings, as well as the Classic Tribe in Lemmings 2. When a lemming becomes an exploder, a countdown appears above its head and it continues what it was doing for five seconds before it explodes, creating a hole in the ground. In Lemmings, if the lemming is falling when the countdown expires, it will explode straight away; otherwise, it will stop for a moment before exploding.

Knockback exploders Edit

In Lemmings 2, outside of the Classic tribe, exploders will create a knockback explosion that sends all other lemmings within a small radius flying, and stuns them temporarily. In addition, these exploders will detonate as soon as their countdown expires, regardless of whether or not they are falling. In L++, knockback exploders and regular exploders are available as separate skills.

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